REB Group

Business Advisory

Whether you are starting a business, expanding a business or selling a business we can help you with planning, monitoring, risk assessment and advice to better help you achieve your objectives.

Our team has a diverse range of skills to help you meet the demands of today’s increasingly complex and rapidly changing environment. Whether you need assistance with reviewing your business plans, monitoring performance or managing your way through a time of business change we are here to help.

Business Planning, Analysis, Restructuring and Risk Assessment

Our services include:

  • Strategic and Business Planning assistance
  • Financial forecasting
  • Cash flow analysis
  • Budget Variance analysis
  • Business Valuations
  • Advice on Buying, Selling or Merging businesses
  • Due Diligence and Business Structures
  • Succession planning
  • Business Turnaround
  • Strategic Human Resource planning and risk assessment

Work Experience Examples

Example of how we have recently helped clients include:

  • Run sessions with business owners to review past activities, establish solid and realistic goals and then define strategies for achievement and success
  • Facilitate a preparation of a comprehensive business forecast covering the “Growth Equation” and importantly to remove the fear of the unknown
  • Assist clients to prepare a detailed cash flow analysis so that they can understand where the cash is coming from, where it is going and more importantly to try and get to grips with when this will happen
  • By the use of a simple diagnostic we have been able to develop a budget variance report which highlights which areas have demonstrated a variance and pinpoint areas where action might be required to address the underlying causes
  • Assistance has been provided with buying or selling a business (or even a share of a business) through a thorough valuation exercise which uses various techniques to derive a realistic value for the business operation being considered
  • Research and recommend appropriate business structures to achieve an outcome which the business owner might not necessarily have considered e.g. whether to register a company or operate as a trust?
  • Undertake a comprehensive “Due Diligence” to enable a potential investor to understand what might lie ahead and develop strategies to counter any challenges which might otherwise have presented a potential showstopper
  • Cover the feared “Elephant in the Corner” – who or what comes next? Facilitate a Succession Planning Session to consider all aspects of the business and its current state and what possible strategies exist which will enable the current owners to extract full value upon their exit from the business
  • As many business owners “Don’t know what they don’t know” they often can’t see the wood from the trees and are focussed on issues which are not conducive to survival. We assist them to open their eyes and move forward in a positive way and assist them to turn their business around
  • Through our strong association with an HR associate we have undertaken reviews of organisation structures, the related human resource planning and implementation strategies to assess whether they have maximised the use of this vital resource. We have then assisted with development and execution of strategies to ensure that staff are better utilised and that the corporate culture was improved way beyond expectations.
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