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External and Statutory Audit

Governing bodies need an auditor they can trust to help them manage risk and improve operations, as well as ensure compliance with regulatory and other obligations. At REB we invest in understanding your business and the risks you face in achieving your objectives, goals and reporting obligations.

Adding Value through the Audit Process

We provide a comprehensive suite of External and Statutory Audit Services to both the Profit and Not for Profit sectors of New Zealand business.

Our services include

  • Financial Statement Audits
  • Financial Statement Reviews
  • Compliance Auditing
  • Agreed upon Procedure Engagements
  • Advice on the application of accounting policies, accounting and auditing standards
  • Trust audits
  • Grant Audits

Work experience examples

We have experience in undertaking and delivering a wide range of audit and compliance engagements ranging from the small not for profit entity through to multi-national profit entities. Examples of recent audit assignments include:

  • Financial statement audit of a for-profit shipping company applying NZIFRS Tier 2 RDR
  • Financial statement audit of a for-profit private training establishment applying NZIFRS Tier 2 RDR
  • Financial statement audit of a for-profit import and distribution entity applying a special purpose framework
  • Financial statement audit of a not-for-profit sporting entity applying PBE Tier 2 standards
  • Financial statement audits of various not-for-profit entities applying PBE Tier 3 standards
  • Compliance audit of a student fee protection bond scheme
  • An agreed upon procedures audit in terms of a management buy-out agreement

Why choose us

  • All engagements are partner led with a focus on completing an efficient audit with useful business insights
  • We build effective and independent relationships with our clients that enable us to be proactive in identifying risk and options for resolution
  • Our audit approach is based on the latest and trusted methodology
  • We are known as completing audits on a timely and efficient basis with minimal disruption to our clients’ staff
  • We provide you with a detailed management report at the conclusion of the audit that includes observations we have made during the audit on your approach to risk management and governance, as well as any efficiency or control issues we have noted in your systems and control environment

For further information and to discuss how we can help you email: or

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