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If you are looking for a provider who has great audit, assurance and risk management skills together with an in-depth understanding of the public sector then talk to us at REB.
Our team is led by Richard Moore who has over 25 years of experience in providing these types of services to the New Zealand public sector. He is supported by a team who have worked in senior management, audit and risk positions in the sector and who are experienced in providing outsourced and co-sourced consultancy services.

AOG Registered Providers

Our Services

We recognise the importance of an organisation having robust governance processes and the role of risk management and internal audit in reviewing, improving and maintaining the effective operation of these processes. We work with our clients to evaluate their approach to risk management and internal audit and how these services are best delivered to their organisation, be this on an outsourced or co-sourced basis, or a mix of these.

By working with us, our clients have access to a team that has an in depth knowledge of the public sector and the skills to help management establish and maintain effective governance through the provision of independent assessment, advice, monitoring and reporting that is based on a pragmatic and value-added approach.

Our services include:

  • Internal Audit
  • Process Mapping and Internal Control Evaluation
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Project and Programme Assurance
  • Performance Audit
  • Compliance Audit
  • Probity Audit
  • Operational and Corporate Risk Management
  • Fraud Risk Management and Investigations
  • Human Resource Risk Assessments
  • Advice on the application of accounting policies and accounting standards

Service Delivery

We are experienced in delivering risk based internal audit and assurance services on either an outsourced or co-sourced basis.

Our co-sourced delivery is well received by clients as an effective way of supplementing an organisations in-house team with additional skills and resources. We are experienced in providing these services as either individual projects where we are responsible for running and delivery of the project outcomes, or working as part of an in-house team undertaking an assignment.

Should you require an outsourced service we are able to provide this from initial planning through to delivery of reports to management and audit committees, or equivalent.

Services Delivered by Senior and Experienced Staff

Work Experience Examples

  • Audit of a council treasury function including governance processes, policy compliance, risk, control effectiveness and reporting
  • Audit of a council joint venture agreement covering compliance with agreements and contract management
  • Various end to end process based reviews of operational and finance functions
  • Fraud health checks and risk assessment
  • Review of procurement policies, processes and controls designed to assess the effectiveness of the delivery of supplies across the organisation
  • Review of business continuity and disaster recovery planning
  • Assessment of strategic and operational risk frameworks for effectiveness including assessment of mitigations and processes designed to monitor the ongoing application of the mitigations
  • Various project governance and benefit realisation reviews

Why Choose Us

  • Our Team has a proven track record of over 20 years in providing services to the public sector
  • We provide a high input of senior experienced staff with a focus on adding value to the assignments we undertake
  • We can help you improve decision making and the use of resources in your organisation through assisting in the establishment and monitoring of an effective governance framework
  • We are easy and friendly to work with

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