REB Group

Risk Management

We take a practical approach to risk management and focus on the effectiveness of risk frameworks and mitigation strategies. We believe that one of the keys to successful risk management is the ability to listen to management and staff of an organisation and to combine this knowledge with our own knowledge and experience.

We recognise that risk management is an essential component of governance and our focus is in the following areas.

Framework Effectiveness

Evaluation of risk frameworks to determine their effectiveness in identifying and managing risk at the strategic and operational levels. This includes the integration of any risk framework with strategic and business plans.

We are also able to assist and advise businesses on the nature of risk frameworks that may best meet their business and governance needs.


The reporting of risk and the related effectiveness of mitigation strategies to the right people is a key element in managing risk effectively and acting on areas where improvement is required.

We can evaluate your risk reporting and work with you to incorporate an appropriate level of risk reporting to the governing body, management and staff of your organisation.

Mitigation assessment

Our experience indicates that a key value area of risk management is the evaluation of the adequacy of risk mitigation strategies to manage risk to the desired level, and assessment of these strategies ongoing application and effectiveness.

We can test the effectiveness of your strategies and assist with the implementation of ongoing testing, including the linking of this to internal and other assurance functions that may be operating in your business.

Enterprise wide

We have experience in enterprise wide risk frameworks and systems.

Project based

We can assist you to implement and to review risk management processes for key projects.

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