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Minimise the risk of loss due to fraud before it occurs.

Why be concerned over your organisations exposure to fraudulent activities? Well according to the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners global surveys on average 5% of an organisation’s revenue is lost to fraud and related activities each year. Survey information indicates that in New Zealand this figure is slightly lower but still sits at approximately 4.5%.

Our team can help you reduce this exposure through the development of a fraud risk profile for your business and identification/assessment of fraud risk mitigation strategies in place.

Prevention health checks

Take a prevention health check to determine your organisation’s fraud risk profile. Fraud risk assessments provide you with an informed evaluation of your organisation’s exposure to fraud and the likelihood of fraud occurring and going undetected

Fraud risk management

Risk management focused on fraud minimisation is fast becoming a primary weapon in minimising fraudulent activities and is increasingly playing an important role in identifying the occurrence of fraud.

Data Analytics

Data analytics is a powerful way of interrogating data and can be used to supplement fraud risk management techniques as well as analysing data in fraud investigations.

Investigations and forensic reviews

The RE team has experience in investigating fraud from minor offences through to million dollar plus cases. We work with you and the police, lawyers, insurance companies, the SFO (where appropriate) to deliver the best outcome for your organisation, with minimal disruption to your business.

In the event that you do have a fraudulent activity we can investigate this for you up to prosecution, and assist you to reduce future exposures.

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