REB Group


Our procurement services are focused on assisting organisations achieve value from their procurement processes and to maintain control over ongoing supplier contract management and project processes.

Strategies and approach

How effective are your procurement strategies and methods?

Best practice organisation’s can achieve up to 60% more financial benefits from leading procurement practices than other organisation’s according to AT Kearney’s procurement surveys.

We have experience in assisting organisations achieve significant savings through analysis of their procurement processes and spend against good practice and evaluating areas for potential improvement and positive change.


How do you provide assurance to the market that your procurement practices are fair and transparent?

Our team can provide you with that assurance. Our staff have extensive experience in providing probity services and advice to public sector organisation’s where probity issues can often arise.

Whether you want a one-off review, some expert advice or a full real-time probity review, we can assist. We are also experienced in providing advice on and investigating conflicts of interest.

Project assurance

Our project assurance services cover operational and capital projects and include information technology change projects.

20 – 28% of IT projects will fail according to Gartner (2012). 

In respect of operational and capital projects we have experience in reviewing and working on a real time basis with projects ranging from small to major infrastructure projects.

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