REB Group

Terms & Conditions

The agreement

  • Completing the Income Tax calculation
  • Preparing supporting information required
  • Filing of the relevant tax return

Your objectives

  • To receive completed tax return(s) meeting IRD requirements and keeping tax to the minimum level payable

Benefits to you

We are confident in offering you expert services in line with your expectations. With that in mind, we outline below a number of the benefits of our service.  The exceptional set of financial statements that we complete for you will provide you with the following:

Peace of mind knowing that all IRD obligations have been met for the year

  1. Clarity as to the correct interpretation of tax laws relating to the deductibility of expenditure
  2. Confirmation of the exact amount of taxes to be paid
  3. Information to allow you to plan for future tax obligations (if any) for your business

Additional benefits will include

  1. We will hold all business, taxation and finance information about you and any associated entities in the strictest of confidence
  2. We will notify you of any correspondence received from the IRD, or any other reporting agencies on yours or any associated entities behalf within 48 hours of receiving it
  3. We will return calls, emails and requests for information from you within 48 hours of receiving it
  4. We will notify you of any unexpected issues that may arise which may vary this estimate and discuss with you the options available to you and any additional costs
  5. We will advise you of when you will have the work finalised and presented to you
  6. We will always ensure that your personal and business affairs are taken care of by quality affiliated associates
  7. Phone and email assistance and face to face meetings on request are included within reasonable bounds

Our expectations of you as our client & our standards

  • Our team of Accountants will not start a job until ALL necessary papers for that work have been received
  • As we offer an expert, timely, courteous service by our staff, we expect our clients to do the same, by giving us any relevant requested information in a timely manner and by addressing our staff in a polite, courteous and professional manner at all times
  • To present all records provided to us to the best of your ability
  • You accept responsibility for all records and information supplied to us
  • To provide us with the source records & documents needed to enable us to meet IRD & other governing bodies deadlines in an efficient, stress free, timely manner. We reserve the right to apply additional fees for work considered urgent
  • You accept responsibility for any failure to supply us with all relevant records and information
  • You understand that if for any reason there are any delays in the supply of all relevant records and information this could have adverse influence on the timing of the work we perform
  • To notify us of any issues, discrepancies or grievances you may have as soon as they arise so that we have the chance to rectify them immediately     
  • To pay our fees within or before our payment terms
  • REB Group Limited (Chartered Accountants) will prepare the tax returns knowing that the intended use of these is for yourselves and IRD
  • Independence is not a requirement for an engagement such as this.  However, the CAANZ Code of Ethics requires us to act objectively and to be, or seen to be, independent.  If we are aware that our independence may be compromised for whatever reason, we will disclose this fact
  • Any working papers that we prepare while working on your information will remain the property of this firm.  Access to your records and information held by us may be required by CAANZ as part of their quality assurance procedures


We undertake to complete your requirements as efficiently as possible.  If at any time you are not happy with our approach or the quality of work, we guarantee to review the work undertaken for you.  The result of this review will be discussed openly and frankly with you.  The review will be at no cost to you.

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